Dalmain Delights Cafe

Healthy Heroes Canteen

Canteen Manager:  Barbie Connick

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Canteen Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Thursday – Friday

8.20am – 2.00pm

Canteen Menu – Term 2, 2021

Healthy Food and Drink Policy 2020

Welcome. Our Canteen is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for recess and lunch. Recess is not to be pre-ordered.

    • The children line up with their money and purchase their own recess. Lunch and drinks needs to be pre-ordered on a lunch bag.
    • All menu items meet the Department of Education Healthy Food and Drink Policy.
    • Lunch orders must be placed in the basket at the canteen before 9am. (Please wait for your change if any is required). An Early Bird box is at the canteen for children that arrive to school before canteen is open.
  • Pre-Primary can only order from lunch time menu and put their lunch orders in the Canteen Basket in their class room, which are then taken to the canteen.
  • Pre-order sushi by Thursday for Friday lunch.
  • Lunch bags can be purchased $1.00 for 20 bags or 10c per bag.
    • Please wrap money in a tissue or cling wrap to prevent food contamination, as your child’s lunch is placed in this bag. Please, no sticky tape or staples. Staples are a danger when food is placed in bags.
  • Please only use black or blue pen to write on bags as coloured pens and pencils are difficult to read.