School Board Members

Staff Board Members

Don BoyesDon Boyes
BEd, DipTeach

Don joined the Dalmain School Community in 2007. He has taught and been a principal across a broad range of schools and locations. Having grown up in the country Don has always had a close affinity with teaching in country locations and has spent a significant part of his career living and working there. These have included positions in the Mid-West, Pilbara and Gascoyne regions.

Don’s leadership style is one focused on a distributed model of leadership where staff members, students and parents are actively encouraged to develop and share their skills. This approach provides opportunities for others to grow, have ownership and make significant contributions to the school community. Ultimately, it is the students who then benefit most from this approach.

While Don is a keen mathematician and sports enthusiast, he is also a strong advocate for having a holistic school focus where students have the chance to shine in both academic and non-academic areas. Don avidly promotes and supports the Arts and the opportunities available for students to perform both at school and out in the broader community.

Alessandra MorroneAlessandra Morrone

Alessandra started her teaching career in 1995, specialising in Early Childhood Education. She spent time teaching in the remote WA Kimberley’s and various metro schools; moving into curriculum improvement, early intervention, staff development, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Education, ICT (Information Communication & Technologies), Technologies and administration. Alessandra’s experience in these areas has provided her with the opportunity to present and provide school support in Melbourne, Sydney and in many local and Western Australian country schools.

Alessandra joined the Dalmain Community in 2018. She continues to engage in STEM Education and Technologies through her volunteer role at Scitech and membership with various Associations. Early intervention, Technologies and whole school curriculum improvement remain a career focus for her as does engaging in Education Department Initiatives and projects.

Sue PinakisSue Pinakis

Sue began her connection with Dalmain Primary School initially as a volunteer working with the school choir in 2009. The following year, Sue commenced as music specialised position at Dalmain PS. Sue is currently teaching music both at Balcatta and Dalmain Primary Schools.

Sue utilises three key musical theories that focus on the student’s developmental abilities, as well as using a more holistic approach to music education. She incorporates the Kodály concept of music education, Dalcroze Eurhythmics and the Orff approach, all of which use more developmental processes to teach music, offering students a more stimulating and enjoyable music lessons, while at the same time, addressing the need to teach the whole person in a sequential and logical manner.

Sue has recognised the emotional and psychological benefits of using drumming in music education. She has completed the Drumbeat training, Christine Steven’s Health Rhythms, Arthur Hulls Village Music Circles workshops and attended two drumming intensive workshops both in Hawaii and Scotland, as a mentor, to participant in the Village Music Circles drumming community. Sue has also presented on the use of drumming in the music classroom at two of ASME’s Summer Schools in Perth and at ASME’s National conference in Melbourne in 2017.

Sue is passionate about music education needing to be dynamic and stimulating for students, making sure students are guided using a holistic approach that inspires them to develop a love of music.

Jenny KaluzynskiJenny Kaluzynski

Jennifer Kaluzynski has 33 years of experience in public education, with 25 years as the curriculum leader in mathematics. She has taught in the country, and in the metropolitan area, in various socio-economic areas. Jennifer has taught numerous grades from Year 1 to Year 6 and is currently teaching grade 4/5 at Dalmain Primary School. She is passionate about providing a stimulating learning environment where all students can reach their full potential.

Jennifer has presented professional learning in mathematics, writing and co-operative learning at school level and district levels. Throughout her career, she has been very fortunate to be involved in many numeracy programs such as First Steps, Standards in Education, WALNA, and Leading an Effective Numeracy School.

On a personal note, Jennifer loves spending time with family and friends, and travelling to new and exciting places. She has two daughters aged 21 and 23, and they remind her every day that you are never too old to learn new things. Jennifer believes that we are lifelong learners and she is committed to providing high quality teaching and instilling in children the love of learning. She is excited to be part of the Dalmain School Board and sees this as a great forum to build strong relationships between the school and the community.

Parent Board Members

Andrew MorrisAndrew Morris
BA(Hons), Grad Dip Arch(Com), PG Dip Arch Prac

Andrew and his wife, who have two children that attend Dalmain Primary, have been actively involved within the school community volunteering their time in various capacities since 2014. Initially Andrew’s involvement began on the planning committee for the creation of the Nature Play Area before taking on the role of P&C Committee Treasurer until early 2018 and then finally joining the school board in 2017.

Andrew migrated to Australia in 2003 and began a residential & commercial design company in 2018 after resigning from his role as Managing Director of a Perth Architectural Practice. Andrew retains registration as an Architect in the United Kingdom and is experienced in the design, documentation and the management of consultant teams in the realisation of multi-storey commercial developments. His experience also includes project management, business management, strategic planning, budgeting and creative thinking.
Andrew believes an active and supportive school community enhances the experience, education and opportunities for all who form part of the Dalmain community.

Justin BurtJustin Burt

Justin has served as a Parent Representative on the Board since 2012. Justin has worked consistently to improve outcomes and facilities for the students. He currently has one child attending Dalmain Primary and two former students.

Justin has been a teacher since 2000, filling various roles in country and city schools. He is currently the Head of Health and Physical Education at John Forrest Secondary College. Justin has served on a variety of other committees such as West Perth District (AFL), WA Football Advisory Committee, and is a secondary representative on the School Sport WA board.

Justin believes that students at Dalmain Primary School should be given a variety of experiences that will help develop life skills and prepare them for their high school years.

Barbie ConnickBarbie Connick

Barbie became a parent volunteer at Dalmain Primary with the enrolment of her three children in 2015. She has continued to be an active member of the school community, applying her Nutritional Science studies and keen interest in Food Science & Health Development to assist in the management of the school canteen since 2017. With previous experience in the food industry, she shares her passion through culinary design and catering.

Barbie has a diverse background which includes teaching in a rural school in the USA, completing Agricultural & Animal Husbandry in New Zealand and in Sweden, lecturer promoting Agricultural Science studies abroad, and Horticultural studies in Australia. In 2013, Barbie and her family moved to Perth from country Victoria, and started a landscaping business.

Being a member of the Dalmain School Board is a honour for Barbie. She hopes to represent the wider school community with her optimistic outlook and enthusiasm.

Michael BolanMichael Bolan

Michael is a father of two children, with his oldest enrolled at Dalmain Primary School since 2018 and his youngest due to commence Kindergarten in 2021.

Michael is a dedicated, experienced educator, completing a Bachelor of Education degree in 2002. He currently holds the position of Head of School (Primary) at Beechboro Christian School and is also a member of the Executive Team at Ellenbrook Christian College.

During his time in education, Michael has held a variety of roles in Primary and Secondary settings, in both Government and Independent Schools; including, Assistant Deputy Principal (Wellbeing), Deputy Head of Primary, and Dean of Student (Kindergarten to Year 12). These roles have had a focus on behavioural management, child protection, students with special needs, curriculum development and staff management.

Michael is looking forward to being able to serve on the Board of Dalmain Primary School; a school that has developed a strong culture of community and has a focus on academic excellence.

Jane McIntyreJane McIntyre

Jane’s involvement with Dalmain IPS began with her eldest child starting Kindergarten in 2012, and Jane now has two children at the school. Jane has been involved in the school in many ways, starting with volunteering as a parent helper in the School library. Her involvement has evolved over time and although Jane still volunteers on a weekly basis at Dalmain, she is now also a relief staff member of the Department of Education, covering leave and absences for Library Officer positions.

In 2015 Jane co-ordinated the 25th Anniversary Fete which raised funds towards the Nature Play Area. Jane has been the Vice President of the P&C since 2016 and currently serves as a parent representative on the Board.

In her professional career, Jane has had experience in the finance industry with twelve years in the Reserve Bank of Australia and a year with Note Printing Australia. She has also filled varied roles from staff training, fundraising, event management, marketing and administration. In her spare time, Jane runs a small business from home and enjoys reading, sewing and of course spending time with her children.

Anna RichardsAnna Richards

Anna is a mother of four young children, with the oldest enrolled at Dalmain Primary School since 2015. Anna has a background in accounts and has continued to support the school as an active P&C member since 2018. Her P&C role includes being the canteen coordinator and part of the fundraising committee.

Anna is looking forward to contributing to the School Board as a parent. She believes every opportunity to engage our school community supports a positive learning environment.

Community Board Members

Peter WintertonPeter Winterton
Clinical Associate Professor - MB BS, FRACGP

Peter is a General Practitioner and a Forensic Physician and has been in Medical Practice for over 4 decades. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board particularly in the area of child protection. Peter lectures widely within the community about the topic and has been a consultant at Princess Margaret Hospital for over 35 years. He has also had work published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Peter has been a community member of the Board since 2013 and demonstrates compassion and care for the students at Dalmain Primary School.