P&C Committee

The P&C Office Bearers for 2023 are:

President – Erin Nicholas

Vice President – Anna Richards

Secretary – Bronwyn Matthews

Treasurer – Emily Wilton

Dalmain Primary School’s P&C Committee meet once a month.

The purpose of the P&C is to provide a forum in which parents can further develop their partnership with the school and communicate ideas and aspirations for their child/ren’s educations.

The P&C Committee provides financial support to the school through voluntary contributions as well as money received through its various sub-committees (Canteen Committee, Fundraising Committee).

Examples of some of the resources provided to date include:

  • iPads
  • Science Room Resources
  • Outdoor PA System
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Early childhood education outdoor playground equipment
  • Stage curtain
  • Numerous other programs

Please join us for our next P&C Meeting.  Details are available on the Term Planner.