About Us

Dalmain Primary SchoolDalmain Primary School provides a welcoming, inclusive environment where there is an expectation that everyone will work towards achieving their potential; show respect for themselves and others; have social, civic and environmental responsibility and take pride in their school.

The school opened in 1990 and is one of four primary schools in the northern suburb of Kingsley. The school’s approximately 300 students are supported by a dedicated, dynamic and professional staff. Student numbers ensure a capacity to be large enough to offer diverse programs yet small enough to have a close relationship with students.

The school is renowned for its attractive grounds and gardens. In 2006, after extensive community consultation, the school grounds were fenced to reduce the incidence of vandalism and graffiti. This has proved to be most successful. Other improvements have occurred over time due to the proactive involvement of key staff in attracting federal and state grants for facilities such as playgrounds, furniture, carpets and computer equipment.

The teachers ensure their classrooms reflect the standard expected by the community and provide an appealing working environment for the students. Dalmain students are considerate and respectful of themselves, others and the environment. They pursue knowledge diligently and strive for academic excellence. The school’s anti-bullying policy ensures a happy school with the rights of all students respected.

Dalmain has specialist teachers in music, physical education, visual arts and Japanese.

The school actively promotes the need for a strong public education system. Learning programs, developed collaboratively by the staff, are considered by schools in the district to be exemplars in curriculum and assessment.

A close working relationship exists between the students, staff and the parents. The School Board comprises the principal, three staff and five parents. It meets each term to monitor and review the school’s performance in all areas of operation. The Parents’ and Citizen’s Association (P&C) is active with numerous sub-committees operating effectively.

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